design & manufacturing done by SparkBright
andrew and his dogs made from electronic components

About Us

We were established in 2009 by Dr Andrew Ferguson, and are based in Scotland, United Kingdom. We design, develop and manufacture electronic modules and PCBs in production runs from a single unit up to around one hundred. For larger volumes, we can do all the design work and sub-contract the PCB production to a dedicated board-house. Our designs typically have a microcontroller at their core. A mcu is nothing without firmware, and writing firmware is an area in which we excel. Our self contained production unit allows us to offer rapid turn-around, favourable prices and excellent quality. You can see some of our recent projects under Manufacturing > Design & Development

Graduating top of his class in 1996 with First Class Honours, Andrew then gained a PhD from the University of Glasgow. Prior to university Andrew gained valuable skills working as an architectural & engineering modelmaker. After graduation he has worked in management consultancy (Andersen (now Deloitte & Touche), London) research and university teaching.

Andrew’s work is closely supervised by his dogs Milly, Scout and new team member Atticus (a greyhound). His canine colleagues ensure he maintains a healthy work/life balance by taking him for walks every few hours; and by encouraging him to get out of town and into the countryside at weekends. Milly, Scout and Atticus’ hobbies include socialising, catching ball, barking at trains, sleeping & eating. Especially eating. Outside of work Andrew enjoys getting out and about with his dogs, running, DIY, tinkering with electronics for fun, reading and films.

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  • andrew's dog running
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